Tweets for 19/11/21

Queen Tweeter working on tweets for Twitter.

Today I purchased a book of 20k quotes edited by Elizabeth Knowles. I found the book in an Edinburgh Popup shop in their used book section.

The book was a graduation present to someone who turned into a “swan” at graduation. The exact inscription is below:

This inscription was inside my used Oxford Quotations book purchased on 19/11/21

Lloyds Bank App Fail -18/11/21

Lloyds bank app was not working for a few hours.

Lloyds Bank website told customers to go to Lloyds app which did not respond. The problems seemed to be resolved a few hours later and the twitter feed from Lloyds shared safety information this morning.

Stop MPs from  “exploiting their positions.” Boris Johnson Consultancy Ban – No Lobbying while in office. Recommendation originally made in a 2018 report from ethics watchdog, the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

Russia admits Anti-Satellite Missile test.

Earthquake in Edinburgh on Tuesday morning. The UK has 300 earthquakes each year.

Tesla Sued for 162M for tweeting a statement that changed the value of warrants.

FYI – Financial Warrants 

  • Right to buy  is called a Call Warrant
  • Right to sell is called a Put Warrant

Warrants are not interchangeable and they are different in Europe and USA.

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News Tweets 11/11/21

  • The Thames is now home to tope sharks, which can grow up to six feet long and live 50 years.

  • Potential target – companies that had violated the terms of deferred prosecution agreement which postpone criminal charges in exchange for a financial penalty.
  • 320k troops from the Punjab – records left unread for 97 years – digitised.
  • Fishing Story  Attempted to shoo it away. Grabbed both feet and attempted to drag him into water.  Grabbed branch. Grabbed knife.  It let him go.
  • Work-life balance.   Illegal to contact staff outside of work.  Me time is my time. Will this attract Digital Nomads … for Companies with 10 or more workers.
  • Sotelos found out they purchased an Andean fox in Peru – not a husky.  Peruvian Huskey is the new breed.
  • “like Israel’s NSO Group, who provide services for law enforcement to hack into devices, there’s an underground industry of players like RocketHack, who will break into people’s digital lives for the highest bidder, whether that’s a government, a corporate espionage client, a stalker or an abusive spouse.” Cut and paste to get to article in #forbes
  • Older drinker’s staying home. Understandably cautious. Trade comes from older customers.
  • Post covid work – life balance. Don’t call me.
  • Shortage in key non-essential food items. (Crisps)
  • 1/5 of some households ordering groceries online
  • EU wins €2.4bn Google Shopping case.  Court upholds 2017 fine.

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KeyWord Phrases for 8/11/21

  • Scots may see travel ban if not Triple Vaccinated. 
  • Lincolnshire closing roads for Remembrance Sunday November 14th
  • Lorry Hits a Bridge. Railway bridge with arch painted yellow.
  • New rules on Bus Pass when State Pension Changes.  – Useful Scheme with new rules.
  • Lincolnshire has two of the UKs top fish and chip shops.
  • Ann Hathaway has a Bob
  • Spontaneous or elaborate plot to immigrate illegally.
  • NASA Warns of another asteroid.
  • Puzzle game is meditative through organising.
  • Jaden Smith asked to be emancipated at 15
  • Tories…. You represent everyone including the little people.
  • Aldi worker explains why scan shopping is so quick.
  • US firms are skimping on service.  Prices going up.
  • Vogue Williams has a Bob
  • Coleen Nolan marrying her Tinder Boyfriend
  • Google Mail making Major Change
  • Window User Attempting to USE Apple products
  • Did Lou Taylor bug Britney Spears’ bedroom?
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