Land of Tweeter

Who is the queen of Tweeterland?

Queen Tweeter is the Queen of Tweeterland. Queen Tweeter is a journalist / writer who lives in the UK and shares information with the public through twitter and other publishing channels.

Because Twitter is a social media company based in the United States, Twitter must be a democracy not a monarchy so there is no official queen of Twitter.

Queen Tweeter known as @queentweeter (on Twitter) shares news from the United Kingdom, the world and the land of twitter. The news from Tweeter land is shared on the Tweeter land blog.

Who is the queen of England? Queen Elizabeth II.

Who is the queen of the United States? Beyoncé (unofficial)

Who is the queen of talk shows? Oprah

Who is the queen of US politics? Pelosi

Who is the queen of Spain? Queen Letizia

Who is the queen of fiction? J. K. Rowling

Highlighting the Queens of the world.

Who is the queen of a topic of your choice. (If you have a queen you want to add to this list, please send it to me through the contact form.